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We're here to help you keep your ultrasound system up and running at your office, clinic, or hospital. Professional and trained engineers? We never leave our customers alone not even for a moment and we always keep focus on their goals.
Education &
With innovations in technology and frequent software updates, your clinicians need high-quality training to keep on top of their daily activities. We offer on-going education through a G Sexible Training model designed for private practice and it can support you and your clinical staff, besides it can help to increase the operational efficiency     Also, we have a special training course for biomedical engineers who are working in treatment centers. Our communication with our customers will never be interrupted even if we are not in their medical center. YES, it is OUR STRATEGY and our strategy is our goal.
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Clinical Network
We are always looking for solutions that increase the diagnostic capacity of customers by using the maximum of new facilities and technologies. We have also created a cloud platform for users to provide storage, analysis, and reporting, and we are working to increase our articles using these tools in our international innovation business.
Our first concern at MFP is to keep in touch with our customers and customer satisfaction has been concerned the all the time, so one of the best ways to communicate with our customers is remote service. We will be available 24/7 hours a day and we can provide the following services to our customers.
Remote Maintenance System
Remote system upgrading
Remote scan navigation
Remote image optimization
Remote service training
Remote educational and virtual courses
Remote diagnostic service
Remote analysis
Remote reporting

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MFP Documents library provides customers a single point-of-access to our entire portfolio of medical devices. Just search, enjoy, and find everything you want to know.
Spare-Parts &
Our spare parts warehouse is always available to provide the fastest uptime service to our customers, so we always anticipate the needs of spare parts in our warehouse calculations and advanced software within the organization. We keep your investment and appreciate it in our group.
We care about you & our advancement

Customer orientation is our company’s services priority and the heart belief of  Med Fanavaran Plus Company.

R&D line in MFP has an exceptional point of view about after-sales service department. Customers have always been our concern and their satisfaction is our success. Even the most advanced ultrasound system depends on human touch, be sure you are investing in your treatment center and in your team with our ultrasound system which is your best achievement and highest goal.

Maintaining your ultrasound equipment is only part of the excellent support you can expect from MFP group. We provide a full range of services to help your organization maximize its investment because we are always with you everywhere, every time, we will not be absentminded for even a moment.

Easy access to
device parts
The best parts are used in the production of the Luna device. When the device breaks down, we will repair them easily in the shortest possible time.

Due to the unique design, all parts of the device can be easily accessed. Our engineering team is always try to build a device with quick access to all components to minimize device downtime.
Our goal is to help organizations improve operational efficiency, increase quality & reduce costs associated with services.
Technical Support
We will always be with you and we're here to help you to keep track of your daily activities
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